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1. Must be Yu-Gi-Oh OR fanlisting related.  Multi-anime sites and non-YGO fanlists are okay.
2. No character bashing/hate sites!
3. Any and all artwork must be credited to their artist!  This includes Japanese fanart!  Just because you can't read the language, doesn't mean you can take their art without permission!
4. NO HOTLINKING!  Hotlinking steals other peoples bandwidth and is just plain rude.
5. No hentai/porn sites!  Shonen-ai/Shojo-ai is fine.
6. You must provide me with an 88x31 or 50x50 button for link.  If your server does not allow image linking, email it to me, and leave a message in the comment box so I'll know it's coming.
7.  No sTiCKy cAPs.  They're annoying.
8. Where it says "A banana's about this color, or-" type:  "is it cheaper to go to Chicago or by bus?"
9. Spelling and grammar.  By all that's holy, if you can make a website, you can take the time to check your spelling.
10. Your site cannot induce migraines!  Obnoxious colors, weird page transitions, java-script mouse attachments, midi tunes you can't turn off, etc . . .
11. Content.  Your site must be at least 75% completed.
12. You must link back to me before I will link to you.
13. Have something original.  Don't just copy other sites, give everyone something unique.
14. Fanlistings do not have to be official, just active.

Here are the banners you can use:

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Or you can use one of the codes.

Still want to affiliate?  Head here to sign up!

If I decide not to affiliate with you, I will email you with the reason why.
If you are unsure your site was accepted, wait until the next site update before you email me.